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Cab Filters

PROTECT YOURSELF with DUTCH Protect-Air Cab Filters

Pesticide Fumes

Chemicals can enter your body through normal breathing and through the skin. Keeping any drift out of your cab while in the fi eld will help minimize pesticide exposure. Use Dutch Carbogran and Micron filter paper to keep you breathing clean air.

Grain Dust & Allergen Pollen

Allergies can play real havoc with your ability to breathe normally when haying or combining. The combination of Dutch Carbo-gran and Micron filter paper will keep you breathing easier.

Manure and Diesel Odor

These odors have raised some serious health concerns. Dutch Carbo-gran removes any annoying odors including diesel fumes. Use Dutch Carbo-gran to make life more pleasant. Anhydrous Ammonia Drift Medical Research has shown that exposure to even low levels of anhydrous ammonia over a period of time may cause permanent lung damage. Use Dutch Ammo-gran in your filter when applying ammonia for improved comfort and safety.

Cab Filter | Dutch Openers

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Features & Specifications

  • Steel Casing: Same dimension as factory filter. Installs in minutes with no modifications to the cab.
  • Replacement: Carbo-gran, Ammo-gran and Micron filtration may be bought separately.
  • Material: Easy to replace and provides long term filtration. Cost effective solution to providing clean air in your cab.
  • Carbon: Formulated to filter out chemical fumes and odors.
  • Ammo-gran: Formulated to remove NH3 vapour.
  • Micron Filter: Filters large particles to increase life of filtering medium.
  • Save Money: Replace only the filtration elements when needed or yearly. Provides cost savings of up to 70% versus disposable factory filters.