Dutch F8 Windmill Water Pump

This windmill is designed strictly for water pumping. The F8 comes in 3 tower sizes: 10 foot, 20 foot, and 30 foot to suit your windmill location. The self furling tail turns the windmill head out of the wind during higher than normal wind speeds. Also the only maintenance to this windmill is 1 grease nipple that needs to be greased once per year.

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windmill for water pumping

Features & Specifications

Turbine Type: Upwind
Rotor Diameter: 8'
Rotor Design: Perimeter Blade
Stroke: 3"
Blade Design: Delta with trailing edge flap for low speed performance
Number of Blades:  24
Blade Material: Galvanized Steel
Tower Height: 10', 20' or 30' lattice
Weight of Windmill: 550 lbs.
Transmission: Direct Drive (no gears)
Gear Ratio: 1:1
Furling: Automatic self-governing tail
Furling Commences at: 36 kph or 22 mph or 10 m/s
Cut in wind speed: 4.5 mph or 2 m/s
Foundation: 3 Footings (6" dia. X 60: deep)
Finish: Powder Coated and Galvanized
Water Pump Capacity: Approx. 10 g.p.m. depending on wind speed & pump size
Air Pump Capacity: 5 CFM @ 10 ps