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Seed Smarts Series: Every month, as a part our new blog series, we sit down with a Producer to talk about specific issues and opportunities they have seen and experienced. No matter what your seeding situation, you will find information that is helpful, sometimes entertaining, and interesting. Click here to get the newest articles delivered straight to your inbox.

Our extended article library highlights current agricultural news, shares helpful seeding tips, discusses recent trends in the farming industry, provides insight on soil health and offers an expert perspective on a variety of aspects of soil tillage.


Seed Smarts: Australian Grain Farmer Finds New Home On The Prairies

Thursday August 17 2017
Seeding Intelligence
For this month’s edition of Seed Smarts, we spoke with Josh Lade to learn more about his cross-continental farming experiences. Many prairie farmers grew up on family farms and instinctively knew that’s where they belonged. Learn more.
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Seed Smarts: Producer Growing Pains For Growing Pulses

Thursday July 13 2017

As part of our monthly blog series, Seed Smarts, we sat down with Doug Yeager to ask some candid questions about his farm. Doug Yeager has been farming his whole life, running his own operation since 2003, but eight years ago he was faced with a completely new challenge – growing pulses. Learn more.
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Seed Smarts: The Most Important Thing on My Farm

Wednesday June 14 2017

Dutch sat down with Robert Thompson to ask some candid questions about his farm. Sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. Last season, Robert Thompson’s fields were hit hard by lodging, particularly in his barley crop. Find out more.
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Seed Smarts: Getting the Most Out of Every Acre

Thursday April 27 2017

Introducing our new monthly blog series, Seed Smarts, we sat down with Clint Steinley to ask some candid questions about his farm. Clint recognized the importance of soil conservation in the early 1980s, having owned his own farm for thirty years, and was amongst the first group of farmers in his area to take an interest in no-till farming practices.
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"Enter To Win" Contest Winner

Friday January 27 2017

Dutch Industries is pleased to announce that the winner of the “Enter to Win” contest is John Mandel.
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Friday December 16 2016
Agriculture News
With today’s global markets and open commodity trading, there has been a shift in the way producers can market and sell their crops. Savvy producers are savvy business people, with a good understanding of marketing. A good marketing strategy takes planning, preparation and an understanding of available marketing tools. There are five levers of marketing – the five “P’s”: Product, Price, Promotion, Place and People. Good marketers know how to pull these levers to achieve their desired outcome.
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A Call to Action from the White House: America's Soil is Disappearing

Monday August 22 2016

The White House is issuing a call to action for soil. The Office of Science and Technology Policy is seeking your help in a nationwide effort to impede soil loss, enhance soil genesis, and restore degraded soils. Innovative actions from Federal agencies, academic scientists and engineers, farmers, entrepreneurs, businesses, advocates, and members of the public are needed.
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Dutch Stewards of the Land: Rotating Alfalfa for Soil Health

Monday August 22 2016

According to the June 2016 publication from the Canadian Public Trust Research, only 29% of Canadian public surveyed believes Producers are good Stewards of the Environment. It’s in that spirit, that Dutch would like to introduce you to and showcase to you one of our many producers who put a great deal of heart into caring for their farmland and being a good Steward of the Environment.
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Intercropping Challenges and Victories from a Saskatchewan Farmer

Monday August 22 2016
Seeding Intelligence
Some farmers like Sheldon Okerstrom like a challenge, and with intercropping a challenge is what he gets. We sat down with Sheldon for an interview to learn about how he has been experimenting with intercropping on his family's farm in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.
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Tire Differences Can Have a Deep Impact

Friday August 19 2016

How often do you check to make sure tire air pressure is appropriate for the tire type and conditions? It may be time to add tire pressure checks to your drill maintenance check list...and here is why!
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Buying a new drill? Think about your openers.

Thursday June 23 2016

A new air drill is a big investment, whatever size your operation. Here are a few things to consider when making a decision about what openers will work best with your new unit.
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Be on the Lookout for Verticillium Stripe

Monday June 20 2016
Seeding Intelligence
The Agricultural pathogen called Verticillium longisporum (aka Verticillium Stripe) has now made its way to 6 Canadian provinces; British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and Québec according to research by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Read more here to find out which crops are affected and how you can protect your farm.
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