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If you are interested in adding tillage tools or seed openers to your farm equipment, or want to replace your existing tillage tools, but would like to learn more, watch one of the following videos, created to show our product lines in action and to offer greater visual detail of each tool.

These videos showcase vertical tillage tools, precision seed openers, the new Spur™ Series, seed brakes and more. The videos also offer an outline of each of the tools, so you can visualize each product and see their unique features. Meet other Canadian farmers who have used these product lines and hear how Dutch Openers has helped improve their farming efficiency. We are proud to consistently receive positive feedback from our valued customers, not only about our durable and efficient products, but also our level of service. 

Dutch Openers works alongside farmers to find solutions that meet their specific needs, which is why we designed quality openers to fit SeedMaster(TM) shanks. The slim, abrasion-resistant body design...
Added February 2, 2015

Perfect for the farmer who needs a durable vertical opener, the Vertical Series is designed to withstand rugged landscapes, reduce plugging, and improve seed and fertilizer placement. Made with 30%...
Added March 7, 2014

Avoid mechanical breakdowns or interruptions during peak seeding season with Dutch Openers' new Precision Paired Row Seed Opener Series. The patented design and opener angles ensure that you'll get...
Added March 7, 2014

Dutch Openers to fit Seed Hawk reduces the time you spend under your drill. Easy-to-change tips ensure accurate and consistent seed placement while reducing plugging.
Added March 7, 2014

Spur™ Series by Dutch Openers places liquid fertilizer right near the seed with minimal soil disturbance. The result? Perfect seed germination. Designed to increase yield, the Spur Fertilizer...
Added March 7, 2014

Avoid plugging and increase your yield this season with the New Dutch Universal Series Opener. The ultimate in versatility, you can switch from single shoot to double shoot with only one roll pin and...
Added March 7, 2014